The Journey of a Tussar Silk Saree

How many times have you encountered a silk saree and ended up thinking about its beauty? I believe it is more than once. Mostly, every woman would think of draping it around and walking with its elegance. It is completely normal. The moment you understand the process of creating a silk saree, its value will upgrade instantly.   Silk sarees are well known for their comfort, elegance, and texture. There couldn’t be any occasion where they don’t stand out. For instance, a lady wearing a tussar silk saree can be spotted easily among a crowd of well-dressed people at a wedding, you might not kno...

Kosa Silk Production

A simple kosa saree takes around five days to produce from yarn extraction to the weaving, depending on the number of craftsmen working on it. Its natural dull gold colour is often dyed to get earthen tones. Natural dyes used for prints include yellow from the palaas(the Kusum) Flower, the rich red pollen dust of the Rora Flower and the deep rose-red from Lac, and more. Each cocoon woven by the kosa silkworm yields 1-2 grams of raw silk yarn, equivalent to about 300 yards of thread. Due to the rarity of the kosa worm and the laborious cost of cultivating it, the raw silk yarn is often blend...

Kosa Silk – The Finest Silk From Chhattisgarh

Chattisgarh is highly famous for its Kosa Silk. A) Origin of Kosa SilkThe word Kosa is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning silk. This Silk (The Finest Silk From Chhattisgarh) is created by small silkworms when they feed on the mulberry fruit and produce a kind of fine silk. This fine thread is then used to make the famous silk cloth mostly used for sarees. Kosa silk is drawn from the cocoons on the Saja, Arjun and Sal trees. It is obtained from an Indian silkworm Antheraea mylitta. This silk has great recognition for its softness and elegance. Because of its shine, luster, and softness, ...
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