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“Vayan typically means the art of “weaving” (bunai). Our purpose behind starting Vayan is not only to present the high quality silk, namely, Tussar Silk to our customers but also to bring awareness of the stories well-crafted in the notable designs of silk sarees, suits and dupattas by the weavers.”

It all started in 2016 when Mrs. Harshita Jindal decided to settle down in Chhattisgarh after her marriage. Chhattisgarh provided her exactly what she was looking for, the righteous place to start something of her own. Seeing the local craftsmen working on silk in Champa sparked her determination to embed her magic into something similar. Silk is one of the prominent clothing materials loved by every woman but not all of us are aware of the diversity it provides. The history of Silk is a legendary story altogether though the question is "How many of us have heard about Chhattisgarhi Silk?"

Tussar Silk, among the other varieties of Silk, is woven in the local handlooms of Chhattisgarh. The idea is not just to bring the best quality of silk to the customers but to make them aware of the art well-crafted in the serene designs of the silk sarees, suits and, dupattas. Mrs. Harshita herself discusses every design with the grassroot-level talents to understand the story behind it. She is a post-graduate in International Business with a vision to encourage the world in developing a taste for Tussar Silk and to promote the weaving culture of the artisans of Chhattisgarh.

In this journey, her sister, Mrs. Vartika Baranwal Rajgaria, the co-founder of Vayan, plays a crucial role in bringing the business to digital platforms. Her expertise lies in creating Vayan, a brand associated with Tussar Silk. Being a post-graduate in Marketing and Sales and an artist herself gives her an advantage of looking at the business from a different perspective. Her deeper understanding of designs, colors, and, textures helps in identifying what people need to have in their wardrobe for adapting sustainable fashion into their current lifestyle. Her suggestions polish the artisan's work into something out of the ordinary to align with this modern world.

A good customer experience along with the latest fashion trends is what the Vayan sisters offer as a team. Vayan is more about creating unity in diversity. The artists are the assets and their art is the organization’s pride. Both the founders have worked in their family business for a few years and then decided to use that experience in building Vayan. Mrs. Harshita is well-versed with the manufacturing world of Tussar Silk and, her sister excels with the marketing side of the business.

It is always motivating to work on projects in a well-furnished office and crack business deals over conferences but starting something from scratch for fulfilling a vision takes a lot of patience and determination, isn’t it? The Vayan sisters are all about this. They wish to live the dream with you and the gifted weavers of Chhattisgarh.
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