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Tussar Silk also called “Wild Silk” or “Kosa Silk” are extracted from the larvae of several species of silkworms like Antheraea Mylitta, Antheraca Proylei, Antheraea Pernyi, and Antheraca Yamamai silkworms that eat the leaves of Arjun, Sal, or Saja Trees. The moths of the mentioned species grow in wild jungles and the locals collect their cocoons. These single-shelled oval-shaped cocoons are then boiled for a few hours to make the cocoon softer. The silk threads are extracted by the women of the local areas through the process of 'Thigh Reeling' to date. They are arranged in a circular way, called “hanks” to avoid any knotting or mixing issues. A small portion of threads is taken from the hanks and rolled in Bobbin, further it is fitted in a Shuttle, a tool that carries the thread of the weft yarn while looming. The weaver’s family first prepares the loom and then the weaving process starts. It takes two to three days to weave a plain Kosa silk saree, further the unfinished sarees are washed, hung out and, sun-dried. The artists then dye them accordingly. Calendering, the final process, makes the saree glossy, thin, and smooth
Tussar silk stands out from other silk sarees because of these unique points: o The rich coarse texture of the Tussar silk is unique to its variety. o Tussar fabrics are cooler than other varieties of silk. The presence of pores has made them more breathable, making them the best choice for summers or warm regions. o It is light and easy to wear for people of any age group. o Its refractive property of showing different shades at different angles makes the wearer easy to spot in any crowd. o Most importantly, it is comparatively cheaper than other silk sarees. o Tussar Silk is easy to maintain which makes it the perfect choice.
Yes, the blouse material is usually attached at end of the saree.
Yes, we would love to see your creativity. Feel free to share your ideas on info@vayan.in , our experts will let you know if your design can be implemented or not very soon.
It is highly advisable to stick with Dry-cleaning. Keep the clothes in muslin clothes rather than plastic bags to let the fabric breathe.
All domestic products take around a week after ordering. In case, you want to expedite, write to us at info@vayan.in
Yes if it fulfills the terms and conditions mentioned in our Return policy. Do check it to know more.
Yes, we encourage gifting Tussar products. Please write to us at info@vayan.in to add your message or if you want it wrapped.
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